Payroll Full Services Team

Automate time and attendance collection automatically submitting to your payroll team.

payroll group

(SSAE 16 Certification Approved) Full Payroll Specialists are based in the Summerville, SC offices providing Payroll Consulting, Preparation, Distribution, Direct Deposits, Garnishments using flexible, customizable, high-tech payroll services, customer care and maintaining the integrated on-line back office Human Resource Information System. Payroll report integration of client's General Ledger Account software permits instant error-free cost-accounting eliminating typographical and duplication errors. The group designates a Payroll Specialist and FPC Manager to the Full client team assisting in hands-on continuity with each payroll. This allows the same Payroll Specialist to note unique payroll changes directly to the client's financial contact delivering the highest accuracy. All payrolls are sent to the client's financial contact for review and approval prior to completion of payroll.

A $500,000 payroll bond from Hartford insurance protects all payrolls and each payroll process of each client. Payroll services including administration and payment of employer taxes, payroll, check printing, compliance with all federal and state taxes and garnishment. The Payroll Group is certified as follows:

  • 2 Licenses Accountants
  • 1 IRS Enrolled Agent certified to practice
  • 1 Certified Payroll Professional - CPP
  • 4 Fundamental Payroll Professionals - FPC
  • 100% of the Payroll Gropu have passed the pre & post-test FPC certification test for enrollment in the course