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Practical Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

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Every employer espouses the value of employee engagement. It’s actually knowing how to engage employees that’s the problem. Thankfully, there are plenty of practical steps that businesses can take to bolster engagement among their personnel. And with many of these solutions, HR can lead the way.

How to Boost Employee Engagement: Real-World Strategies and Solutions

  1. Provide channels for two-way communication. Employees need to feel like they have a say in things, and that they can offer honest assessments of the company’s leadership and direction without fearing repercussions. There are plenty of ways to provide employee communication channels, including surveys, town hall forums, and open invitations in each day-to-day interaction.
  2. Advocate for employee growth and professional development. One way to keep employees engaged is to let them know that there is ample opportunity for them to hone their skills and advance their careers. Be open in discussing long-term career goals with employees and connect them with resources or professional development courses whenever possible.
  3. Recognize your employees for what they achieve. A little bit of acknowledgement goes a long way. Make sure your HR team has a habit of honoring employees for their hard work, and for rewarding big wins with parties, team activities, half-days on Friday, etc.
  4. Ensure a positive work environment. Conflict is going to happen in any workplace, so what matters is putting a strategy in place for addressing it. Make sure your HR team is equipped to handle disputes between employees, and that employees know how to seek amicable resolution as swiftly as possible.
  5. Provide a sense of purpose. It’s crucial for employees to feel like their work matters, and that their day-to-day responsibilities are connected to a broader sense of mission. Be clear about your company’s vision and values, and use some of the same language in creating employee job descriptions.
  6. Offer flexibility. One thing that younger employees particularly care about is flexibility. Ensure that your team members have some wiggle room to work remotely sometimes, or to adjust their schedules to fit the needs of their children and families.
  7. Foster a team dynamic. Another way to improve employee engagement is by cultivating camaraderie. You can do this with team building activities but it’s usually more effective to do it by assigning projects to groups rather than individuals, forcing collaboration and cutting down on siloes.

Make Employee Engagement a Top Priority

Employee engagement is essential for building a strong, versatile, productive workforce. Make sure your HR team is thinking strategically and taking initiative here. And with any questions, reach out to FullHR at your convenience.

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