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4 Ways to Rethink Remote Work

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Ever since the COVID lockdown, remote work has become standard practice for many businesses. Even at companies that have launched “return to work” initiatives, there remains a lot of interest in flexible or hybrid work arrangements.

As such, one of the big challenges HR teams have taken on is finding a way to create and sustain a meaningful work culture, even with many employees working from their home offices or kitchen tables.

Whether your team has struggled with building a meaningful remote work culture or you’re simply looking to shake things up a bit, here are a few action items to think about.

Creative Ways to Shape Remote Work Culture

1) Create a mentorship structure.

Encourage employees to sign up for mentorship relationships. Pair older and younger employees and invite them to take a few minutes each week to check in with each other, digitally, to share insights and experiences.

You might even opt for a “reverse mentorship” model, asking junior employees to share their perspective with more senior team members. Fresh perspectives can benefit everyone!

2) Plan “wildcard” days.

Many businesses schedule wildcard days once every week or two. The premise is simple: On wildcard days, employees are encouraged to work on projects or initiatives that are beyond their normal scope of duties.

For example, you might have employees planning community service endeavors, brainstorming new business strategies, or developing teambuilding exercises. This can be a great way to shake off the monotony that often comes from remote work.

3) Emphasize shared experiences.

It’s helpful to remind employees that they’re not in it alone; that they have team members and colleagues, even if they don’t see each other in a physical workspace each day.

A simple way to create a sense of shared experience? Make a group playlist and encourage employees to add songs to it. Everyone can listen throughout the day and chat with one another about standout tracks.

4) Rethink office hours.

It’s important to maintain a sense of work-life balance for all employees. However, it’s equally important to acknowledge that some employees may be more or less productive during different times of the day.

For example, some employees may benefit from having early morning brainstorming sessions but taking a longer break for lunch; or knocking off early but regrouping for an evening planning session. Encourage this kind of flexibility whenever possible.

Get Creative with Your Culture

Remote work is here to stay, so it’s important for teams to think long-term about developing a strong culture. Outside-the-box thinking is essential, and the suggestions we’ve offered are just a jumping-off point.

Questions about building a strong, cohesive team? Reach out to the FullHR team at any time.

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