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Robert BullockRobert Bullock Founder, Interpersonal Communication Specialist
Gregg has one of the rarest of skills, he listens, really listens, to what others are saying and often can hear what they are not saying. His dedication to helping others has earned him a reputation of matching people up with the right person, product, or service for them and if it isn't a fit, still seeks to steer them to what does even when there is no benefit in it for himself. He is truly selfless. I highly recommend spending time to get to know him, though he will most likely know more about you within a very short time!   February 16, 2011, Robert continues to work with Gregg at FullHR - HR Carolina since 2001
  1. Jill QuickJill Quick | Global Entrepreneur
  2. It has been a true pleasure working with Gregg since 2007. He came highly recommended to my former employer (the American Red Cross) after hearing of the work he had done with some of our partners in the area. Gregg is very well respected and extremely knowledgeable in the HR field. Gregg and I worked very closely together to investigate and resolve important issues, and to provide a much higher level of HR support for our employees and volunteers. Gregg helped our company to enter the 21st century, from a paper payroll system to a fully integrated electronic timeclock system, thus saving the company valuable time and money. I have very high regards for Gregg and Full HR for their honesty, integrity and maintaining the highest standards of integrity. Jill Quick, Chief Programs Officer-American Red Cross, Greater Carolinas Chapter 2005-2009 March 5, 2010, Jill was Gregg's client
    David WorrellDavid Worrell
    Fractional CFO | Charlotte Finance and Accounting Expert | Speaker & Author on Finance & Entrepreneurship

    Gregg makes buying insurance fun. Who else can you say THAT about? OK, more than fun... he's helped me understand complex HR and insurance issues, and created solutions that have positioned me to save some money AND sleep soundly at night. Thanks Gregg!

    June 24, 2009, David was Gregg's client
    Amanda ClarkAmanda Clark
    CEO--Grammar Chic, Inc. | Business Leader | Published Ghostwriter | Blogger | Content Marketer | Brand Management

    I contacted Gregg for help with an insurance policy and he was able to find the perfect policy to fit my needs that same day. He was incredibly responsive and worked with me to figure out exactly what was needed. I would recommend Gregg to anyone who is looking for help with any business or personal needs, you will receive the best customer service available and rest...

    June 6, 2009, Amanda was Gregg's client
  3. Chuck HawksChuck Hawks
    Performance Coaching, Consulting, and Speaking/Facilitation at its Best

    Gregg is one of those positive people that effects everyone around him. Of the highest integrity, Gregg consistently puts his customers' needs first and thinks outside the box when a solution is needed. 

    He is also a great connector of people, having an incredible network and always looking for how he can provide assistance for others as a resource. 

    If you're in need of insurance or just a fantastic person with a positive outlook, I highly recommend Gregg!

    May 21, 2009, Chuck was with another company when working with Gregg at FullHR - HR Carolina


    Aaron MoffatAaron Moffat
    Contractor at SetFocus

    Gregg, is professional and quick to respond to my every need. I was a small business with little needs however he gave the attention that you would expect with if I had been a large company. I wish him the best success in his business.

    May 20, 2009, Aaron was with another company when working with Gregg at FullHR - HR Carolina

    Douglas GallagherDouglas Gallagher
    Area Director of Human Resource

    I have known Gregg since 2004. He is well knowledgeable in the Human Resource field. Gregg played a key role in the success of our company. I looked to Gregg at times to help resolve important issues, and to overcome obstacles that face companies. Gregg has always been honest and holds a high standard of integrity. 

    Doug Gallagher 
    HR Director 
    Footprints Carolina

    March 24, 2009, Douglas was Gregg's client
  4. Executive Sales

    Northwestern Mutual

    S. Ashley RabonS. Ashley Rabon
    Agency Director at Liberty National

    In my experience working with Gregg, I was always struck by his innovative thinking. He is able to connect people and competencies effectively so that his customer receives the perfect recommendation. He is a values-driven worker and has my undivided respect.

    October 2, 2008, S. Ashley worked directly with Gregg at Northwestern Mutual
  5. President


    Peter VandevanterPeter Vandevanter since 2009 Founder, Personalize Media Conference

    Gregg is a technologist as well as an excellent salesperson, a wonderful combination. He is also trustworthy and straightforward in his dealings with people. He has the right combination to get very difficult challenges accomplished. I have always enjoyed  working with Gregg and have watched him succeed in the most difficult of circumstances.

    December 14, 2010, Peter was with another company when working with Gregg at Star*Free


  7. Senior Account Executive

  8. Alltel Mobile

    Mike EtheridgeMike Etheridge
    Engineer I at Windstream / Verizon / Alltell

    I worked with Gregg for several years at Alltel and from a "front row seat" I was able to observe him regularly. His approachable personality and professional expertise were evident qualities I personally experienced and also observed in his interactions with customers. I recall how dedicated he was to his customers and their needs. Gregg was a valuable asset to Alltel and...more

    September 27, 2012, Mike worked with Gregg at Alltel

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